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Java Interview Questions

What is difference between Hashtable and HashMap classes in Java ? What is CuncurrentMap? What is Fail fast iterator and fail safe iterator? How Fail fast iterator knows that the internal structure of collection is modified? What is priority query? What is annotations? how to create custom annotation and use it? What is dependency injection? What is use of Junit? What is AOP? Explain its terminology? What is design pattern & why should we use them? Explain different type of design patterns. What is file in Java? What is difference between OOP and AOP? What is difference between  application server and web server? What is difference between SOAP and RESTful web services? What are implicit objects of JSP? How to integrate Hibernate with Spring? What is difference between logical and physical transaction? Explain Memory management in Java. Explain memory management of String in java. What is wait() and notify() methods? Explain JVM architecture? What is String